Compact Dilema - CaminAutechre

Compact Dilemma is an auto-composing sound-art installation. Portable CD-players, all programmed on shuffle and repeat-all function, are producing melodious music randomly. The mix is audible on headphones.

Each CD is an complex arrangement of music samples and silence tracks, which have been produced on the basis of an overall chronological grid. Therefore, every combination of the different CD-samples is generating an infinite number of different well-sounding music pieces. It‘s a tribute to the beauty of complexities, produced only by at least three different simple parameters (c.f. RGB colour space).

The Camin-A-utechre Version consists of 3 CD-Players :

1.CD: rhythmical samples from Autechre "Tri Repetae"
2.CD: ambient or melodic patterns from Autechre and Carmina Burana
3.CD: many short vocal events only from "Carmina Burana"