Three different posters (100x75cm) structured like commercials pretend to promote innovative TV screens. While the graphical concept adapts characteristics from TV (like the black bar and the font), the products are more abstract to this media. The designs of those three different sets reflect the background of information and topics displayed on TV. The normal function “watching” is reduced to a colourful by-product.

Tv-nation is a metaphor on the word “divination” and describes the main concept of this poster accurate. TV is an ideal media for propaganda, because of the general access into private spheres and into conciseness. Further it produces a lack of sceptics, which is also supported by the meditative gazing. The crystal ball-TV symbolizes a mystic home oracle, that shows the alleged “real” information from the outside world.

CableTV expresses the irreality and their real consequences within the media TV. This dubious entanglement of own and presented ideals, which are defi ning the collective notion of moral virtue, is the base for the concept of the poster with the winding ropelike TV-screen.

TV is a “passive” media, because it has no alternatives for interaction except consuming, changing channel or switching off . TVpuzzles questions the signifi cance of consuming and the lack of interpretation, which gives pictures their essential sense. Because of an optional possibility of interaction with the TV screen, the spectator realizes that he is permanently constructing his own movie.

many thanks to: Louisa Macdonald, Julia Rabinovitch