Tiki Tiki Men

Test-tube caps (Tiki-Tiki men) are put over a piece of carbon dioxide snow, which is reacting with the water on the wet glass plate. The produced cold steam has to leak out and is lifting the caps. At that moment water is floating under the cap again and the process repeats itself, as long as there is some carbon dioxide snow left. This rhythmical “dance” of all the Tiki-Tiki men is producing a polyrhythmic clicking soundscape.

In the beginning every Tiki-Tiki-man starts its dance alone. But soon “social” structures (loners, couples and groups) evolve. With its very own energy supply, every cap is trying to find its position in this society. One after another Tiki-Tiki men calm down and finally the last restless one stops. The performance ends, but it leaves a model of an autonomically evolved social constellation behind.

At an exhibition the end of the performance remain as a setup and is complemented with a video-loop (10min.) on a screen nearby to visualize the whole development process.