Common utilitarian inventory items of exhibition rooms, which are normally out of perception to visitors, are modified to sound-producing robots. Only at a closer observation, their minimal physical and acoustic events reveal these unobtrusive items themselves as art objects.

The perception of art is the main topic in Mimesis. Due to the mimicry the objects seem invisible, but are now audible. A shift of the perceiving media occurs. Furthermore, all objects seem to hide themselves during the exhibition. They do not stand out with loudness or striking appearance, but with whispering and casualness. Generally speaking the question “what is an artwork?”, which has been illustrated by M. Duchamp’s “Fountain”, is again brought up for consideration.

Rocking Chair

Video: Matthias Meinharter - (00:38)

Drawing Hyrometer

Video: Matthias Meinharter - (00:39)

Sparking Fuse Box

Video: Matthias Meinharter - (00:37)

Rustling Trash Can

Video: Matthias Meinharter - (00:38)

Poster Stand

Video: Matthias Meinharter - (00:38)

Hand-out Stand

Video: Matthias Meinharter - (01:05)